Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Alberta High School Outreach

RhPAP supports Alberta high school students, counsellors and educators who are interested in learning about careers in medicine.

Want to be a doctor?

If you're in high school and thinking about your options for university and beyond, or if you're in university and considering medical school, RPAP's Be a Doctor program provides information that will help you. 

Visit for more information on resources for students and educational professionals.


A Brief Guide to Becoming a Doctor in Canada

There is a large demand for doctors and other healthcare professionals across Canada.

A career as a doctor can be exciting and fulfilling, but it can be stressful, and requires very long hours of work.

Is a career as a doctor for you? Download "A Brief Guide to Becoming a Doctor in Canada" and see if you have the time, resources and aptitiude to become a physician in Canada.

Click image to download.

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