Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Peter K. Lindsay Enrichment Training Program

The Peter K. Lindsay Enrichment Training Program is intended to assist physicians in rural or regional communities to upgrade existing skills or gain new skills in order to meet the medical needs of the community or surrounding areas.

Program Eligibility

To be eligible to apply, applicants are required to be licensed in Alberta on either the General or Provisional - Conditional Practice register, and to be practising in a defined Alberta rural area (Alberta communities except Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Devon, Leduc, Calgary, and Airdrie).

Effective 1 April 2009, CCFP-EM training is no longer supported under the Enrichment program.

Length of Training

The length of training required will vary depending on the physician's background and the agreed learning objectives. In order to qualify for the enrichment program, the training period can be no less than two (2) weeks and not greater than twelve (12) months. However, RhPAP will only sponsor two 12-month training sessions per fiscal year. A point system is used to select the maximum two year-long candidates.

Financial Considerations

Physicians accepted in the Enrichment Program receive an honorarium, prorated for the length of training.

Preceptors are eligible for a monthly honorarium, prorated for the length of the training.

What to Include with Your Application

1.  An outline of the proposed training, the purpose of the training, and its need within the Region.

2.  A list of training objectives and a copy of your updated curriculum vitae and work experience.

3.  Length of time you plan to devote to this training (the minimum length of time funded is 2 weeks; the maximum is 52 weeks) and proposed training dates.

4.  A written commitment to return to rural practice in Alberta after the Enrichment training is completed.

5.  A letter of support from a Medical Leader of Alberta Health Services that AHS recognizes a need for this particular training and that the Authority is willing to provide the resources - staff, equipment, OR time, etc. - for you to practice the new skills in order to serve the medical needs of the Region.

6.  If your new skills will change your present privileges, include an indication that you have sent a letter of intention to the Zone Application Review Committee via Zone Medical Affairs, c/o RhPAP, stating what you would like to do.

7.  Acknowledgement of your willingness to participate in any evaluation of your training and the Enrichment program.

8.  An indication that you have been in touch with Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) to make sure your insurance is in order and that you have contacted the Rural Locum Program if locum coverage is required.

Click here to access an application for the Peter K. Lindsay Enrichment Program. 

Want to apply?

If you are interested in applying for the Peter K. Lindsay Enrichment Training Program, discuss your training request with an RhPAP Skills Broker.


The RhPAP Skills Broker will:

  • Review the completed application and confer with applicable individuals as to whether the training will be approved.
  • "Broker" the approved training request to a Faculty of Medicine in the province or to another training organization.
  • Keep the applicant updated as the training request is being organized.
  • Provide a letter of understanding between the RhPAP and the trainee once the training has been organized.
  • Organize an honorarium to the trainee and to the preceptor, payable upon the successful completion of the training.
  • The Faculty of Medicine or training organization determines whether it can offer the training, and if so ensures that a qualified preceptor is available and willing to provide the necessary training.

The Preceptor will:

  • Establish learning objectives with the trainee.
  • Provide the required training within the agreed learning objectives.
  • Ensure that an evaluation of the trainee occurs at the end of training Enrichment Training Evaluation Letter
  • Provide notification to the RhPAP Skills Broker when the trainee has completed their Enrichment training.

About Peter K. Lindsay

The RhPAP Enrichment Program is named in honour of Dr. Peter Keays Lindsay of Grande Prairie, Alberta, who passed away suddenly on Tuesday, December 17, 2013.

Dr. Lindsay is remembered for his passion for rural medicine and rural medical education; and especially his advocacy for GPs with additional competencies. He was an exemplary RhPAP board member and was serving as RhPAP board chair at the time of his passing.

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