Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Talk to a Skills Broker

Do you have questions about enriching your skills?

Discuss your request with a Skills Broker.


An RhPAP Skills Broker will:

  •     Review your completed application and confer with applicable individuals as to whether the training will be approved.
  •     "Broker" the approved training request to a Faculty of Medicine in the province or to another training organization.
  •     Keep the applicant updated as the training request is being organized.
  •     Provide a letter of understanding between the RhPAP and the trainee once the training has been organized.
  •     Organize an honorarium to the trainee and to the preceptor, payable upon the successful completion of the training.

Contact a Skills Broker

Access contact information through our Staff Directory.

Click here to access Skills Broker contact information.

Please note:

The Faculty of Medicine or training organization determines whether it can offer the experience, and if so ensures that a qualified preceptor is available and willing to provide the experience.

Enrich your skills

To access application forms for the Peter K. Lindsay Enrichment Training Program or General Emergency Medical Skills (GEMS) click here.

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