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Stay active, live better this winter 

Britton Ledingham

December 3, 2019

Winter activity tips from around the province 

The RhPAP Rural Community Development and Engagement Consultant Team from across Alberta had other suggestions for activities to get people’s hearts pumping this winter:

  • Cheryll Welke from the North West Zone suggests cross-country skiing, horseback riding, hiking, hunting, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling on some of the longest trails in Alberta near High Level.She also noted the Northern Lights are a great attraction to get outdoors during the long winter nights.
  • Julie Davis in the South Zone noted the risk of falls for seniors walking outside in the winter is a great reason to walk indoors.”Some towns you can use the local school or community hall for walking,” wrote Davis. “Or there are indoor exercise programs run by recreational therapists [and] senior centres.”She also noted the importance of handibuses and the Family and Community Support Services’ programs to reduce social isolation in the winter.
  • The team’s director, Rebekah Seidel, said cross-country ski clubs and downhill skiing are very popular in a number of communities like Drayton Valley, Rimbey, and Bentley. She also suggested adults pick up hockey, too.
  • Alicia Fox from the North East Zone had another vote for ice fishing to get outdoors in the winter, as well as ATVing down the Iron Horse Trail. She noted that the Smoky Lake Trail Twisters Snowmobiling Association also has events to join, and there are some geocaching locations along the Iron Horse Trail for a fun way to build in exercise as part of a fun activity.

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