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Rhapsody Awards

Nominate your rural Alberta health-care heroes for a Rhapsody Award!

Rhapsody: “An effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling.”
— Oxford English Dictionary

Rhapsody Awards
Rhapsody Awards

Since 2002, the RhPAP Awards program has provided rural Alberta’s health-care heroes and rural communities with a healthy dose of recognition.

The RhPAP Rhapsody Awards continue a long tradition of celebrating rural Alberta’s health-care heroes and rural communities. A play on our name, the Rhapsody Awards are designed to celebrate the individuals, teams, and communities that make significant civic and health-care contributions within rural Alberta.

A community celebration

RhPAP supports communities to celebrate their Rhapsody Award recipients and their achievements in their home communities.

If your nominee is successful, RhPAP will work with the nominator and / or designated community members to honour the successful recipient at a community recognition event tailored to the community and recipient.

This recognition event will include a Rhapsody Award presentation, with a video profile of the recipient and their contributions to the health and well-being of their community.

RhPAP wants to help you celebrate!

The Rhapsody Physician and Health-care Heroes Awards come with funding to support nominators or a planning group of their choosing to organize an event to celebrate the health professionals who help keep your community healthy!

  • Celebrate a physician’s contributions to your rural Alberta community (Rhapsody Physician Award)
  • Recognize a health professional’s or health-care team’s involvement in innovative projects and/or patient experience improvement or team-building initiatives, and their effect on your rural Alberta community (Rhapsody Health-care Heroes Award)

Nomination deadline is February 28.

Nominate someone in your community today!