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Rhapsody Awards

Nominate your rural Alberta health-care heroes for a Rhapsody Award!

“An effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling.”
— Oxford English Dictionary

Rhapsody Awards
Rhapsody Awards

Since 2002, the RhPAP Awards program has provided rural Alberta’s health-care heroes and rural communities with a healthy dose of recognition.

The RhPAP Rhapsody Awards continue a long tradition of celebrating rural Alberta’s health-care heroes and rural communities. A play on our name, the Rhapsody Awards are designed to celebrate the individuals, teams, and communities that make significant civic and health-care contributions within rural Alberta.

A community celebration

RhPAP supports communities to celebrate their Rhapsody Award recipients and their achievements in their home communities.

If your nominee is successful, RhPAP will work with the nominator and / or designated community members to honour the successful recipient at a community recognition event tailored to the community and recipient.

This recognition event will include a Rhapsody Award presentation, with a video profile of the recipient and their contributions to the health and well-being of their community.

RhPAP wants to help you celebrate

  • Your rural community’s efforts to attract and retain health professionals in rural Alberta (Rhapsody Community Award)
  • A physician’s contributions to your rural Alberta community (Rhapsody Physician Award)
  • A health professional’s or health-care team’s involvement in and effect on your rural Alberta community (Rhapsody Health-care Heroes Award)

These Rhapsody Awards come with funding to support you to organize an event to celebrate the health professionals and volunteers who help keep your community healthy!

Nomination deadline is February 28.

Nominate someone in your community today!

Rhapsody Rural Physician Award

Established in 2002, this award recognizes the contributions of rural physicians, especially those unsung heroes who provide Alberta rural communities with outstanding patient care and make notable contributions to medical practice and to their communities.

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