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Rural Research Grant Program

Rural Research and Quality Improvement Grant Program

An important role for RhPAP is to be a voice for rural Albertans. One way of doing that is to enhance awareness of the experience and perspective of rural Alberta and to highlight its health-care successes and innovations.

Through the Rural Research and Quality Improvement Grant Program, RhPAP is proud to partner with key stakeholders across Alberta who are engaging in research projects and initiatives that aim to improve access and quality of health care for people in rural and remote Alberta. Through this program, RhPAP engages in and funds research related to the education, attraction, and retention of health professions for rural Alberta practice.

What We Fund
RhPAP’s Rural Grant Program funds research and quality improvement projects to develop innovative solutions to improve access to and quality of health care for people in rural and remote communities in Alberta. RhPAP does not fund projects whose primary purpose is the development or promotion of commercial interests.

What We Don’t Fund
• Medical/capital equipment used for routine patient care services • Remuneration for principal or co-investigators • Proposal development costs • Indirect/overhead costs or related institutional assessments • Salaries • Laboratory or office furniture • Office equipment • Entertainment or hospitality costs • Membership fees • Transfers to other researchers or accounts • Commercial enterprises, or studies associated with commercial interests

Eligibility and Requirements
To be eligible for research funding, applicants must be:

  • A physician or health care professional practicing rural health care with demonstrable connections to rural communities
  • Health care organizations
  • Post secondary institutions
  • Primary Care Networks
  • Alberta-based

Concurrent and/or Previously Funded Projects
Applicants currently or previously holding an RhPAP grant may apply for another project providing:

  • they clearly identify the current project underway or previous project(s) funded;
  • all terms and conditions and progress reports regarding the current/previous project(s) are up-to-date and in good standing;
  • projects are unique, separate, and distinct from one another; and/or
  • the new proposal is not a continuation or extension of a previously funded project.

RhPAP will not entertain new proposals from any recipient who has not complied with reporting requirements.

Applications are continuously accepted. Funds are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis until allotted funds have been awarded in a fiscal year. Applications must be submitted and sent electronically, along with any supporting documents, to

Applicants resubmitting a proposal that was declined for funding previously must identify on the application form that it is a resubmission of a prior proposal. Applicants must directly respond to all RhPAP feedback from the prior application in an appendix (one page statement) to the project proposal.

RhPAP Board of Directors are responsible for the disbursement and stewardship of all grants. The Education Committee reviews applications against the following criteria and makes a funding recommendation to the Board for a final decision:

• Impact on rural and remote health care delivery • Alignment to RhPAP’s strategic priorities • Clear and compelling description of need • Feasibility of project to address need • Achievable and measurable outcomes • Innovation in addressing a problem or need • Budget appropriate to scope • Leveraging existing strengths, resources, and programs • Quality improvement • Knowledge translation and scalability • Encourage interdisciplinary team approaches

Funding Scope
Funding available for the Rural Grant Program is determined annually by RhPAP’s Board of Directors, considering available funds and priorities. Individual projects may request funding for up to one year and are not renewable. Funding for each project may not exceed $25,000.

Guidelines for Funded Projects
Notification of Funding
Applicants approved for funding will receive a description of any funding conditions and/or clarifications to be addressed prior to receiving project funding. Recipients must indicate to RhPAP whether they wish to accept the offered funding and if so, respond to funding conditions and/or clarifications identified prior to the establishment of a formal funding agreement.

Funding Agreement
A formal funding agreement detailing the terms and conditions governing the grant will be established between RhPAP and the recipient upon the funding being accepted and all funding conditions being met.

Nature of Funding Agreement
Approved project funds are released according to terms and conditions outlined in the funding agreement. No employment, partnership, joint venture, or agency relationship is created between RhPAP and the funded parties by virtue of the funding agreement. The grant is accepted by the grantee parties with the understanding RhPAP is not obligated to provide any additional financial support or other support in connection with the grant or project to which the grant is applied or for any other reason. Neither of the grantee parties may assign any rights or obligations under the funding agreement without RhPAP’s prior written approval.

Reporting Process
All successful applicants will be required to submit progress and financial reports as outlined in their funding agreement. A final report will be required within 60 days of the project completion date. RhPAP will provide a template for these reports.

Publishing and Communication Criteria
RhPAP should be acknowledged in all work resulting from the grant. Acknowledgements should read as follows: “The study has been made possible through a grant from RhPAP.” or “This project is funded by RhPAP.”

Copyright/Patent/Intellectual Property
In the event that RhPAP-funded research does lead in due course to the development of technology, processes, intellectual property, or inventions that will be best brought into public use and benefit in partnership with commercial entities, researchers are to be guided by the policies of their host institution in these matters.

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