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Our Staff

Our Staff

The RhPAP team consists of the following staff and contractors:

  • Tracy Sopkow Office of the CEO

    Tracy Sopkow

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Collette Featherstone Office of the CEO

    Collette Featherstone

    Manager, Executive Services
  • Phalene Featherstone Finance & Accommodations

    Phalene Featherstone

  • Heidi Desmit Finance & Accommodations

    Heidi Desmit

  • Shawna Banman Finance & Accommodations

    Shawna Banman

    Rural Housing Coordinator – South
  • Sharon Penny Finance & Accommodations

    Sharon Penny

    Rural Housing Coordinator
  • Cassy Steeves Finance & Accommodations

    Cassy Steeves

    Rural Housing Coordinator
  • Raegan Sather Marketing & Communications

    Raegan Sather

    Senior Manager
  • Emily R Johnson Marketing & Communications

    Emily R Johnson

  • Bobby Jones Marketing & Communications

    Bobby Jones

  • Nicole Gabert Marketing & Communications

    Nicole Gabert

    Graphic Designer
  • Shanda Berns Rural Community Development and Engagement

    Shanda Berns

    Senior Manager
  • Alicia Fox Rural Community Development and Engagement

    Alicia Fox

    Consultant, Central South Zone
  • Anita Fagnan Rural Community Development and Engagement

    Anita Fagnan

    Consultant, Northeast Zone
  • Lynsey Robinson Rural Community Development And Engagement

    Lynsey Robinson

    Consultant, South Zone & Virtual Events Lead
  • Anya Langkow Rural Community Development and Engagement

    Anya Langkow

    Consultant, East Central Zone
  • Kate Tindall Rural Community Development And Engagement

    Kate Tindall

    Consultant, Northwest Zone
  • Lyndsay Cowan Strategy and Stakeholders

    Lyndsay Cowan

    Senior Manager
  • Meggan Nepoose-Hill Strategy and Stakeholders

    Meggan Nepoose-Hill

    Manager, Events
  • Emily Johnson Strategy and Stakeholders

    Emily Johnson

    Grants Associate
  • Olivia Raycraft Strategy and Stakeholders

    Olivia Raycraft

    Grants Associate
  • Tana Findlay Strategy and Stakeholders

    Tana Findlay

  • Joyce Li Strategy and Stakeholders

    Joyce Li

    Research and Evaluation Analyst

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A non-profit organization established in 1991 by the Government of Alberta as the Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan, a renewed Rural Health Professions Action Plan, or RhPAP, is a trusted resource and collaborative partner for rural Alberta communities trying to achieve greater access to health care.

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