Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

CME for you

In addition to strengthening existing health care services in rural communities, the availability of continuous professional learning opportunities through CME offered by the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine encourages the maintenance of medical services to rural communities. Through reducing professional isolation, CME can also help facilitate the recruitment of physicians to rural Alberta communities.

Aided by RhPAP funding, the Continuing Medical Education/Continuous Professional Learning office at the University of Calgary works with rural physicians to provide high quality CME/CPL to meet the needs of rural Alberta.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) for rural Alberta physicians builds healthy communities.

However, providing Alberta’s rural physicians with access to CME can be a challenge. The decision to attend a CME activity can have an impact on a smaller rural practice, placing strain on the physician’s remaining colleagues, and imposing significant financial costs on the physician attending.

To help offset or negate these burdens, the Rural Health Professions Action Plan provides Alberta's rural physicians with access to Continuing Medical Education initiatives.

The RhPAP partnered with Memorial University, University of Calgary, University of Alberta and others to offer a national web portal,, formerly The aim of is to provide greater access to distributed programming for the professional development needs of Canada's physicians.


CME & Professional Development

Details on the University of Calgary rural CME/CPL programming may be obtained from the U of C CME office


Video - Teleconferencing Program

A video-teleconferencing program is offered to physicians and other health-care professionals through the University of Calgary.


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