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Post-Secondary Health Professions Students

Pipeline to Practise

Post-Secondary Health Professions Students
Post-Secondary Health Professions Students

Since the RhPAP’s inception an integrated and comprehensive series of initiatives have been implemented using an “education pipeline” strategy.

  • Starting in high school, and continuing on to undergraduate studies, RhPAP provides educational resources and school outreach programming to encourage students from rural Alberta to consider a career in rural health care.
  • Medical students considering rural practice as a Family Physician or other general specialist can access a variety of RhPAP initiatives, including funding and support to raise their awareness and to increase their exposure to rural medicine.
  • To encourage medical students and residents, and nursing students to consider rural practice, RPAP also provides a variety of initiatives, funding and support; raising awareness and increasing exposure to rural health-care practice; as well improving their preparedness as they move into careers as practising rural health-care providers.
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