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RESIDE Program

The Rural Education Supplement and Integrated Doctor Experience (RESIDE) Program is designed to address challenges in patient access to physicians and health services in rural and remote areas of the province by supporting new-in-practice physicians to explore living and working in rural Alberta. 

Why you should consider the RESIDE program

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RESIDE Program
RESIDE Program

The RESIDE Program

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Resident and new-in-practice family medicine physicians who are interested in exploring and practising in rural and remote parts of Alberta and meet program eligibility requirements are able to apply. As part of the program, successful applicants receive the following supports once they accept a RESIDE-eligible rural position:  

  • community orientation and continuing community engagement  
  • a financial benefit in return for a term of service in medical practice in one of the designated rural communities
See the RESIDE Program Frequently Asked Questions
RESIDE Program
RESIDE Program

Are you eligible for RESIDE?

To be eligible to apply for the RESIDE Program, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

1.) Be one of the following:

  • A practicing family medicine physician who completed residency in Canada within the last five years.
  • A family medicine resident in their final year (second year) of residency in Canada.
  • A family medicine resident or physician completing an enhanced training (R3).

2.) Have not already signed a letter of offer for a RESIDE-eligible community.

3.) Be willing to sign and complete a return-of-service term in a designated RESIDE community.

4.) Must be interested in rural health.

5.) Must have applied for and be accepted into a currently-posted full-time family medicine position in a RESIDE-eligible community on the AHS Doctor Jobs website.

Visit to find RESIDE-eligible positions!
RESIDE Program
RESIDE Program

Apply for RESIDE

If you are eligible, there are four steps to apply and be selected for the RESIDE Program:

Step 1: Explore and identify community of choice

Click here to explore the RESIDE Program eligible communities. Identify your preferred communities and proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Get in touch and know the community

Do you have questions about your community of choice including about health practice and quality of life? Email us at to be put in touch with a community member.

Step 3: Apply for a Family Physician position

Visit the Alberta Health Services Doctor Jobs Alberta website to search for a RESIDE-eligible family medicine physician vacancy in your preferred communities (as per step 1). Review and apply for the job opportunity. Note: Only family medicine physician vacancies in a RESIDE Program community are eligible for the RESIDE Program funding.

Step 4: Apply for the RESIDE Program

On completion of step 3, you can apply for the RESIDE Program. You will need the job identification number of the job you applied for to complete this section.

Apply for the RESIDE program
RESIDE Program
RESIDE Program

RESIDE Program Selection Process

On completion of Step 3 (above) and on the job closing, Alberta Health Services (AHS) will review your application and schedule an interview if you have been shortlisted. AHS is responsible for the interview and recruitment of physicians for the posted positions. RhPAP works with AHS to identify successful applicants who are eligible for the RESIDE Program.

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their job application by AHS while RhPAP will provide information on the applicant’s RESIDE application afterwards. Successful applicants will be offered positions by AHS in the community that the applicant identified during the application process.

Candidates should keep the following in mind in terms of the outcome of this process:

  • If applicants are not successful in the job application stage, the applicant will not be considered for the RESIDE Program by RhPAP.
  • Successful applicants will have two weeks to decide if they will accept or decline the RESIDE Program agreement.
  • If a successful applicant does not wish to participate in the RESIDE program, they can proceed with their practice in the community. The applicant won’t be eligible to apply for the RESIDE program for that same community in the future. However, the applicant may access other RhPAP programs that they are eligible for.
Questions? Email the RESIDE team.