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Sundre Hospital and Care team: 2018 Rhapsody Health-care Hero recipients

Jonathan Koch

November 26, 2018

What would the squirrels who frolic outside think about the Care Team that frolics inside?

  • “They would probably say that we don’t feed them enough.” – Audrey McKenzie
  • “The squirrels would say they love the health-care team here because it’s a beautiful area.” – Chantal Crawford
  • “The squirrels would comment on how much laughter there is. Even on our breaks, we are a team that we joke with each other. We all know each other. We relax. We laugh.” – Ranessa Watt
  • “The squirrels live as a group. The squirrels live and work together very much as the team here, so I think the squirrels would recognize the teamwork that we do.” – Audrey McKenzie

“We’ve often felt that we were kinda like the little sister hospital of the Central Zone. You know, we were just so tiny. But though we may be small, we are fierce.” Bernie French, Unit Clerk, Sundre Hospital

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